The Shihonkin Dojo is a place, located in Prenzlauer-Berg, where you can unleash your full potential. We live martial arts as a “way of life”, which makes you stronger, more self-confident and more successful in the dojo and more importantly in everyday life. The Okinawa Kempo Karate system taught here has not undergone any changes during modern times and is the effective real karate system from Okinawa that it was hundreds of years ago. Thus you will learn an effective self-defense system, balance, focus and energy work. You will also learn to regard the obstacles that life gives you as opportunities for personal growth. Here you make the best out of yourself, day by day! Take a look at our current schedule and register for a free trial session without obligation! We are looking forward to meeting you!

All courses are taught in German and English!

Dai-Sensei Dominik Lübben has received several awards in the following halls of fame of international deserved martial artists: