Kickboxing makes you strong! This powerful, modern martial art from the United States trains all muscle groups and strengthens your coordination skills.

Regular attendance considerably increases your physical and mental well-being. The effective full-body workout trains your strength, stamina, balance and flexibility! Kickboxing is not about punching the opponent, but about the precise and controlled execution of the techniques taught in the classes. If the rules are obeyed, the risk of injury in kickboxing is low.

The main component of our kickboxing classes is the acquisition of fist and foot techniques suitable for competition, sparring, as well as stamina exercises and stretching. Belt testings are done (IOBJF). Of course there is also the possibility to participate in tournaments.

If you do kickboxing on a regular basis, it not only rewards you with a well-trained body, but also boosts your self-confidence and promotes your perseverance. Not only in class, but also in everyday life! In many situations you react more relaxed and way more confident.

The kickboxing workout is very intensive, your body is constantly in motion. That’s why the kickboxing class is going to push you to your limits and give you new inner strength!