Karate, Child, Martial Arts.

The children’s karate training is about living and learning values like courtesy, respect, discipline. At the same time it trains the body, reduces aggression and satisfies the natural urge to move. We see ourselves as a large community that gives your child the support it needs to master its life. The most important thing however, is that through all these components, your child’s personality is trained in such a manner that he or she no longer wants to hide, but discovers the world with a new zest for life.

Your child does not like going to school anymore because of difficulties with classmates? You feel helpless because you would like to support your child and don’t know how?

I know this problem first-hand. As a child I was excluded, bullied and beaten up at school, too. My grades got bad, I shut myself off and just tried to survive somehow.
Until the day I discovered traditional karate. My life turned 180 degrees. Today I am a confident person and I run two successful companies. Therefore, it is my passion to help your child becoming a strong person who does not let themselves be beaten up. Your child learns to understand that “you are weird” or “you are different” doesn’t mean “you suck” but “you are unique”.

Bullying at school will stop.
Good grades will return.
New friendships will be formed at school.

Our children’s karate training is based on three pillars, which are supposed to guarantee your child the best possible education:

  • Playful teaching of movements and principles of traditional karate.
  • Motivation of the children by the coach to rise above themselves.
  • Teaching of values such as respect and politeness towards the teacher but also between the students. Strengthening of the group cohesion.