The main aspect of the traditional martial arts system I teach is self-defense, personal development and self-perfection. It is my desire to preserve the original Kempo Karate system from Okinawa, but also to utilize full potential of the original Okinawan Karate system to provide a solution for problems of modern society.

Over the decades, Karate has developed into a competitive sport in which form goes over function. That’s fine, if you want to use Karate for fitness and health aspects only. The real Karate, however, is a highly effective self-defense system. Unfortunately, only a few people still teach Karate in its original form, but rather as an Olympic discipline. Not only physical techniques, but also the spiritual component of martial arts forms a vast part of my teaching. I have the Reiki master degree and degrees in different energy teachings such as Qi-Kung and Tai-Chi.

At Shihonkin Dojo, we understand ourselves as a large community without envy and resentment. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. In class, I promote your individual strengths and help alleviating your weaknesses. I do not believe in teaching everyone the same things regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, as it is the case in modern martial arts. Individuals are all different and need different things to be taught. That’s what makes us individuals and that’s good! Together we can achieve all goals! Let’s make the best out of ourselves together!

As a master student of Soke Heinz Köhnen I am authorized to teach his martial arts system “Tamashii-Ryu”. Tamashii-Ryu means “personal soul system” and is mainly based on the ancient martial art “Goshinryu-Kempo”. Goshinryu-Kempo is a compact, old family system from Okinawa, still providing the basics of many modern martial arts systems. Heinz Köhnen has adjusted the already highly effective self-defence system in some aspects. Components from the modern Shotokan Karate system as well as from various Kung-Fu styles, further Kempo styles and experiences from the security area were added to adapt the system to modern conditions and thus achieve the greatest possible effectiveness.