The Shihonkin Dojo is a place of traditional Okinawan martial arts. We live the values and principles of the original Okinawa Goshinryu Kempo system (Okinawa Kempo Karate). Loyalty to the Dojo, our basic values, the Dojo Kun (dojo rules) and to Sensei is a basic requirement for attending our courses and entering the dojo. Active assitance for events is highly appreciated.

Within the framework of politeness and mutual respect, everyone is given the freedom to develop their individual skills. We reject uniformity and military obedience. At the dojo, we live an atmosphere of tolerance in which age, gender, religion, or political views are not an issue. Every student at the Shihonkin Dojo has the same rights and responsibilities and is treated with the same respect. Members and sympathizers of all political parties and religious communities allowed in Germany are welcome at the Shihonkin Dojo. We strictly reject extremism, intolerance, or degradation towards fellow students or the Sensei.

The Shihonkin Dojo has a family atmosphere. Meaning that each student is responsible for themselves, their fellow students, and for the dojo. We are a big community facing all kinds of obstacles together. We support each other in everyday life. Especially during difficult times, like now, this support helps enormously and it feels good. In the classes the mental and physical strength of the students is enhanced. It is about strengthening the inner goodness of everyone and bringing it to the surface. So that we can all become better people and strengthen cohesion not only at the dojo, but also in society again. We understand martial arts as an effective way of personality development for more confidence, stamina, and discipline and ultimately more success in life and at work.